Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass


In only a short time as a member of the group, Mark has already stamped and established his place as a valuable asset and member. The professor moniker has as much to do with being a pro at everything he commits to as it does being the teacher and elder of the band. Inspired by his own family, Mark took up music and singing because everyone in his house walked around singing. Mark brings the Temptations, Parliament Funkadelic, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Prince, Outkast and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the groove of the group since joining in 2012.  


His onstage leadership and ability to handle almost any instrument has put him in a class all by himself as a part of Leftist and his other band 'Immaletchufinish'. His mastery of the craft is exhibited in his studio output on songs like Dearly Departed, RWTLand Bombshell; to name a few on the EP. He will also be heavily featured on the forthcoming, Up Rising album.



the professor


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