Tabla, Djembe, Darbouka, Congas, Bongos


Being the youngest member of the band hasn't stopped Ebadullah from also being the coolest and best showman. Affectionately dubbed "Hollywood E" by his bandmates, Ebad brings a certain charm, daring, and pinache both on and off stage. After creating a name for himself in a few other groups, E was asked by Deen in 2012 if he'd be interested in filling in and taking part in a Leftist performance. Not too long after he had stolen the show, the group made him an official member and they have not looked back since. His ear for quality and nuance allows him to cut through the raucous energy that each member brings to the stage and still be formidable. As a percussionist, E harks back to his Afghan roots with influence from the likes of Toryalia Hashimi, Siar Hashimi, and Salar Nader. As an artist he draws on such contemporary hit-makers as Justin Timberlake, J. Cole and Timbaland; to name a few.


Ebadullah will bring the magic out of any instrument his hands touch, including the triangle and recorder that he still carries since 3rd grade. His abilities are best showcased on songs like Trouble Over the Water and Bombshell  and his infamous Outro from the band's first offering; the Left Is EP.



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