There may be no better way to describe Bryant's style of play on the drums than by his band nickname; Beast Mode. And it's not just because he reminds everybody of Marshawn Lynch. Don't let the laid back demeanor fool you, Bryant or B has been banging on everything down to his mother's pots and pans since the age of two. While he's never had lesson in his life, he's always been a student to masters like Dave Weckl, Vinnie Coliuta, John Roberts, Erik Tribbett, Eric 'Booty' Greene, Devin Webster, and Chris Ghee; among others. On stage, B is known for his precise pocket, timely ad-libs, and trading blows with Ebadullah for the best solos. He is the driving force behind Leftist's on-stage antics and when he's not performing you can bet he's challenging himself and practicing his craft. 


The beast will be fully unleashed on the band's forthcoming LP, Up Rising. 







the beast

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